Jennifer Lam
Jennifer Lam

A bit about me

I'm Jennifer Lam

(But feel free to call me Jen!)

For the past two decades, I've thrived in the dynamic world of digital marketing, and I've spent 15 of those years building and growing my own businesses from the ground up. My entrepreneurial journey started with a passion project, fuelled by an unwavering drive and an insatiable thirst for innovation.

Those 20+ years have been an incredible adventure – filled with challenges overcome, triumphs celebrated, and lessons learned. I've honed my skills, refined my strategies, and discovered what truly ignites success.

Now, having successfully exited my first two businesses, I've embarked on a new chapter, one dedicated to empowering fellow entrepreneurs, creators, and business leaders like you. With a proven track record of building and scaling multiple businesses, and guiding organisations across various industries and growth stages to scalable success, I bring real-world experience and a deep understanding of what it takes to thrive in today's competitive landscape.

Together, we'll work smarter, not harder. We'll leverage proven systems and frameworks to optimise your operations, unlock your business's full potential, and create a path towards sustainable growth and profitability. I'll help you find clarity, make a purposeful impact, and experience genuine success – both in your business and in your life.

This is

My Story

As a seasoned entrepreneur, I've spent two decades navigating the ever-changing landscape of business growth and digital marketing. From advertising to blogging, and from food tours to a marketing & PR agency, my path has been marked by a relentless pursuit of purpose and a drive to make meaningful impact and embrace innovation.

My first two business ventures were true passion projects, driven by an unshakeable work ethic and an insatiable curiosity.

It wasn't an easy path. There were countless headaches, mistakes, and moments of trial and error. But with each challenge, I sought wisdom from every available resource, reading voraciously and implementing, testing, refining, learning, pivoting, evolving, and optimising every strategy that showed promise.

Through extensive research and practice, I've honed my expertise in systemisation and storytelling. I've meticulously documented my processes and the steps I took to streamline operations, master the art of hiring and team-building, and leverage the potent combination of digital marketing and storytelling to captivate audiences and drive growth. I've built frameworks and methodologies that benefitted my clients and can be seamlessly integrated into your business operations.

Before diving into these ventures, I immersed myself in the dynamic world of advertising, managing big brands, big teams and bigger budgets. I worked at top ad agencies and eventually launched my own. Alongside this journey, I was among the pioneers in the first wave of professional bloggers. What started as a hobby to document my culinary adventures, blossomed into a prolific food tours, events, and media company.

I've since had the privilege of collaborating with a diverse range of businesses across various industries, from innovative start-ups to established enterprises, including 6-figure, 7-figure, and 8-figure companies, as well as renowned multi-national brands. From quick service restaurants (QSR) to fashion retailers, from papaya farms to car park operators, you name it, I've persuaded, promoted, and positioned them for success.

But amidst all this, something truly ignited my passion—the visionary, strategic, and mentoring side of things. That's where I found my 'soul on fire' work. So, I made a significant move by stepping away from the two companies I founded 15 and 11 years ago. Despite their widespread success and impact, I felt a shift within myself. Running them just didn't light my fire like it used to. It was clear I had outgrown my original vision and was straying from my true purpose.

Now, I'm eager to pay it forward, sharing the shortcuts and nuggets of wisdom I've accumulated along the way, distilling my 20-year journey into actionable insights and practical strategies. I'm not here to preach theories; I'm here to provide tangible, actionable strategies that have been battle-tested in the real world. My approach is holistic and comprehensive, encompassing mindset, branding, marketing, systems, sales funnels, and growth strategies. With a wealth of hands-on experience to draw upon, I'm dedicated to helping others navigate their own paths to success.

Today, with two decades of experience under my belt, I stand here fired up, energised, and ready to empower entrepreneurs, creators and leaders like you!

Whether you're looking to reignite your passion, get clarity on your vision, break through limitations or scale your business, I'm here to guide you every step of the way.

So what are you waiting for? Let's get started on building a business that truly reflects who you are, brings you more joy, makes a bigger impact, and achieves greater financial success. Let's make it happen—together!

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A few proud moments...

For me:

  • Winner, #28, Australia’s Top 50 Influencer Awards 2017
  • Finalist, Rising Star (Under 30), B&T Women in Media Awards 2014
  • Finalist, Cosmopolitan Fun Fearless Female, Women of the Year 2010
  • Being able to create pinch-me opportunities for my team 

For I Ate My Way Through:

  • Winner, Food Blog of the Year, Ultrabook Pedestrian Blogster Awards 2013
  • Featured, Best Food Tours in NSW, The Daily Telegraph
  • Publishing an extensive collection of over 2,000 articles, sharing knowledge and enthusiasm for the culinary world and travel adventures
  • Attracting over 8 million page views and hosting 5,000+ people to explore new cuisines and cultures in our walking food tours and community events across Sydney
  • Getting flown to all corners of the globe to eat (literally!)
  • Representing Australia and getting to work with Destination NSW and Tourism Australia to showcase Sydney’s culinary diversity to international media visitors

For The Bamboo Garden:

  • Shortlisted, Telstra Business Awards, 2016
  • Our client retention rate! Our founding client was still with us 11 years later!
From food enthusiast to full-time eater & food media professional
As part of an Electrolux campaign, I was flown to Adelaide and got to cook beside food royalty, Tetsuya Wakuda
Talking social media marketing and influencer outreach with Sydney Uni for Coursera
Sharing my blog to business tips at General Assembly Made In Sydney: Food & Liquor Legends event! ✌️ I was in great company and shared the stage with Young Henrys, The Grounds of Alexandria, Deliveroo, Gelato Messina & Mary's Newtown!
Celebrating with my dream team and family at the B&T Women In Media Awards 2014
Broadcasting live from Cabramatta with 702 ABC Sydney to talk about all things lunar new year and I Ate My Way Through Cabramatta (Vietnamese food tour), 2014
The Pedestrian Blogster Awards recognised Australia's greatest online voices and in 2013, I Ate My Way Through was winner in the food category! I won a laptop which served me many many years and the trophy still sits on my desk today!
Getting to bring people together with food as a common-ground!

facts about me

My personality type is

The same as Oprah & Barack Obama! (Protagonist, ENFJ-A)

My most unexpected job

I was once a coffee critic! I reviewed for The Coffee Guide for a few years… and they later became a client at my online marketing & PR agency!

My favourite travel highlights

Aitutaki for its turquoise waters, Myeong-dong for its bustling markets and street food, and stargazing from our RV at Coonabarabran

My favourite quote

If you don’t ask, the answer is no!


My zero waste kit—coffee cup, water bottle, cutlery set, reusable cotton string shopping bag and sometimes, my bubble tea tumbler


Earthing at the beach; doing HIIT and strength training at the gym; and going for long walks/hikes with a podcast in my ears!

Something I'm working on

Honing my craft in Procreate! (I make and sell printables that inspire play-based learning and mindful parenting over at Print And Play Studio.)

A daily habit

I’m an avid Kindle & Audible reader and consumer of podcasts. Up until a few years ago, I only read autobiographies and business or personal growth books but I’ve added fiction into the mix now!

Something I care deeply about

Sustainability—from using cloth nappies and reusable wipes, to driving an electric car, keeping a worm farm, and being a long-time supporter of eco subscription businesses such as Who Gives A Crap, Funky Food and Skipper. I’m even the Sustainability Lead on the P&C committee at my daughter’s school!

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Here are my official bios.
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official bio

Jennifer Lam is an accomplished business coach, mentor, and digital marketing authority who guides entrepreneurs and business leaders to achieve sustainable growth and success. Drawing from over 20 years of hard-earned entrepreneurial experience, Jen brings a truly holistic 360-degree perspective that is rarely found.

Her passion-fuelled journey began when she accidentally fell into the world of food blogging in 2006. I Ate My Way Through was inspired by the provenance of food and the untold culinary stories behind street hawkers, cafes, eateries, bakeries, breweries, producers, manufacturers and markets; it was a celebration of the kaleidoscope of cultures surrounding us. Under Jen's leadership, I Ate My Way Through became a resource for those who travel with their appetites first and it rapidly evolved from an online food diary into a celebrated online publication with a team of 20+ contributors and a loyal readership, attracting over 8 million page views.

Connecting online media with real offline experiences, I Ate My Way Through begun running walking food tours and food events in 2009 and went on to guide over 5,000 people to explore new cuisines and cultures. I Ate My Way Through was crowned Blog Of The Year at the Pedestrian Blogster Awards in 2013, a prestigious recognition which judged on creativity, originality of content, technology, innovation, overall design, presentation, and audience engagement. They were also regularly featured in the media, most notably, on Sydney Weekender, and as respected voices in the culinary world, they have collaborated with brands and organisations such as Shangri-La Hotels & Resorts, Tourism Malaysia, The Whitsundays, Marina Bay Sands, Tourism Australia, Destination NSW, Tefal, Oz Harvest, Chatswood Chase Sydney, Electrolux and more. I Ate My Way Through was acquired by a fellow food blogger in 2021.

Prior to this venture, Jen honed her skills working with big brands, big teams, and even bigger budgets at top advertising agencies. She managed high-profile clients such as 20th Century Fox, Lipton, Bushells, Kellogg's Special K and Nutri-Grain, Vodafone, KFC, and National Geographic Kids. This experience instilled in her a deep understanding of diverse industries. It developed her ability to tailor digital solutions for maximum impact and it ignited a passion for understanding the intricacies of online engagement and the power of storytelling in building communities. Moreover, it was during these formative years that she unearthed a talent for managing resources with precision, systematising processes with efficiency, and authoring documentation with clarity and thoroughness. 

Applying her holistic expertise, Jen founded The Bamboo Garden Marketing & PR Agency in 2010. As Managing Director, she mentored, motivated and engaged a team of highly skilled professionals in delivering integrated digital solutions spanning branding, content creation, publicity and paid media. The agency served clients ranging in size from local family-run restaurants to multi-national consumer goods companies; they spanned across diverse industries including online retailers, FMCG, B2B, food & hospitality, lifestyle, medical, real estate, financial services, fashion and IT. Notable clients include SSP Australia, Park on King, Laing+Simmons, Direct Shoe Warehouse and Asian Home Gourmet. Jen's strategic guidance and growth mindset helped scale numerous client businesses to 6-figure, 7-figure, and 8-figure operations. The Bamboo Garden was acquired by Direct Clicks in 2020.

Jen holds a Bachelor of Design Computing from the University of Sydney and a Graduate Diploma in Commerce (Marketing) from the University of New South Wales which equips her with a unique blend of technical knowledge and strategic insight.

As a speaker and panellist, she has spoken at various tourism media workshops, and events such as Social Media Week and Tasting Australia. She has also been a guest lecturer and unit demonstrator at the University of Sydney where she presented on online media trends and best practice.

Beyond her professional impact, Jen exemplifies conscious leadership by nurturing future generations as a volunteer Primary Ethics teacher and as the Sustainability Lead on the P&C committee at her daughter's school.

Driven by a desire to cultivate deeper connections, Jen is in early stage development of Bond Beyond, a mobile application that empowers users to bond beyond the surface-level interactions that often dominate our digital lives.

With an entrepreneurial passion fuelled by a growth mindset and a proven track record, Jen empowers clients today as an authentic business coach and mentor. Having navigated the entire journey twice—from building businesses to scaling them and ultimately exiting—she brings a wealth of firsthand experience. Her collaborative approach draws from lessons learned across all facets, including branding, digital marketing, influencer outreach & publicity, catalysing growth, cultivating high-performing teams, implementing streamlined systems, and strategically positioning companies for acquisition.

Jen's ability to blend her entrepreneurial expertise with a commitment to continuous growth positions her as a visionary guide, steering business owners and creators toward sustained success, innovation, and fulfilment.

official bio

Jennifer Lam is a serial entrepreneur, seasoned business coach, mentor, and digital marketing expert with over 20 years of entrepreneurial experience. She founded the renowned food blog I Ate My Way Through, transforming it into a celebrated online publication and food tour company, which attracted over 8 million page views and guided over 5,000 people to explore new cuisines and cultures. With a background in managing high-profile clients at top advertising agencies, she established The Bamboo Garden Marketing & PR Agency, helping businesses tap into the potential of online marketing through creative and practical solutions. After successfully exiting both businesses, she is now a dedicated mentor, coach, and consultant, empowering business owners to achieve sustainable growth and innovation through strategic guidance and actionable insights. In her spare time, Jen is developing Bond Beyond, a mobile app to foster deeper connections, and volunteers as a Primary Ethics teacher and the Sustainability Lead at her daughter's school.